Silent Drill Team

We welcome new members because we want every Marine, FMF Corpsman and Chaplain to have the opportunity to experience the esprit de corps and camaraderie we share in the Wiregrass Detachment. We offer the following membership opportunities:

Regular Member
Regular membership is available to anyone who is serving or has served honorably in the United States Marine Corps for more than (90) days, or has served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and has earned no less than (90) reserve retirement credit points. U.S. Navy Corpsmen and Chaplains who have served with Marine FMF units in excess of (90) days and earned the Marine Corps Device worn on the Service Ribbon, and those who have earned the Warfare Device authorized for FMF corpsmen are also eligible for regular membership. Annual membership dues are $30, which includes a subscription to Semper Fi Magazine.

Associate Member
Anyone who does not meet the qualifications for regular membership but espouses the principles and purposes of the Marine Corps League may, upon application, be considered for membership in the Wiregrass Detachment, Marine Corps League. Associate members have all the rights, privileges and benefits of a regular member, except that an associate member may not vote or hold elective office. However, an associate member may be appointed to a non-elective position.

Life Member
Any member in good standing may apply for life membership status. Life membership dues are based on a sliding scale related to the member’s age group.

AmphibiousSunsetAGE GROUP
  0 — 35 = $500 
36 — 50 = $400 
51 — 64 = $300 
65-Over  = $200

To become a Life Member, you must already be a “Member in Good Standing”. That means becoming a member and paying your initial dues first. Yes, according to the Bylaws, you could join the League, pay your dues and then pay your Life Membership Dues all in the same day.

For a membership application you may download and print the membership application below You may forward the completed application and a $30 check payable to “Marine Corps League” to: Wiregrass Marines, P.O. Box 523, Dothan, AL 36302.